Central PA residents have recently experienced the return of winter weather. Over 30 inches of snow blanketed York, Lancaster and surrounding cities just over a week ago. Being the first storm of what has up until recently been a warmer than usual winter has people keeping a close eye on the weather forecast in fear of getting another major snow storm. Residents are continuing to prep by stocking up on necessities from the grocery store and warming up the motors on their snow blowers while still dealing with the remnants of the last storm.


While it may not be the ideal time for cleaning your home or business’s exterior, it is not too early to start planning for spring pressure washing. With the snow and subzero temperatures comes the need to use salt, sodium chloride or brine solutions on roads, walkways and driveways. While these products provide much needed traction or aid in the melting process, they also leave a residue that will be noticeable for days, sometimes weeks after a storm.

We can take our cars to the carwash to remove the salt residue but our homes, sidewalks and other areas around our home require cleaning as well. Often, homeowners do not have the proper equipment needed to clean their home’s exteriors efficiently and choose to hire a professional pressure-washing contractor to handle the task.

Many homeowners in Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas have come to find Liberty SoftWash to be an excellent choice for cleaning up the dirty mess winter can leave behind. Because Liberty offers a variety of pressure washing and other exterior cleaning services, we are a perfect fit.

Liberty SoftWash offers pressure washing for hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt and also soft washing for more delicate surfaces such as dryvit, stucco or vinyl siding. Window cleaning is another service offered that will ensure you can clearly see the beauty of spring through your windows.

Its not too early to book for your home’s exterior “Spring Cleaning.” Call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash for your free estimate. (717) 324-4208