Slate Roof Cleaning Services

Maintaining your slate roof’s beauty is a process that can be achieved with our Professional Slate Roof Cleaning service.  Liberty SoftWash offers a safe and effective non pressure, soft wash slate roof cleaning method that will remove the algae, moss and lichen that is robbing your home of its curb appeal.

Using our soft wash roof cleaning technique, we are able to remove years of algae, lichen, moss and mold growth from your slate roof.  This cleaning method is safe and effective for all types of roofing materials including all varieties of slate.  You will see same day results with our slate roof cleaning process.  Add some instant curb appeal with a soft wash roof cleaning.

There is no need to replace your slate roof simply because of unsightly stains, algae or moss that has accumulated over time.  Our safe and effective softwash  Slate Roof Cleaning is only a fraction of the cost of replacing your slate roof. Our softwash cleaning method allows us to perform our slate cleanings completely from a ladder.  This insures that there will be no breaking or cracking caused by walking on these delicate slate tiles.

Why Clean Your Slate Roof?

Reliable Slate Roof Cleaning

Hire a trusted contractor who has experience in the slate roof cleaning process.  Liberty Softwash offers both the knowledge and experience that you can trust to clean your slate roof with the proper techniques and cleaning solutions. Never allow anyone to use a pressure washer to clean you slate roof. Call us today to discuss your slate roof cleaning needs.  Liberty SoftWash (717) 324-4208


Add instant curb appeal to your home with a softwash slate roof cleaning

Liberty SoftWash offers Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services in Central Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland and Delaware. Our non pressure, softwash roof cleaning will clean even the dirtiest roofs including asphalt shingles, slate roofs, cedar shakes and tile roofs. In addition, we can wash other exterior surfaces like vinyl siding or trim, dryvit, stucco, brick, stone and more, using this same softwash method. This low pressure cleaning method is safe for all surfaces and produces longer lasting results than traditional cleaning methods.

Our Slate Roof Cleaning Gallery

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