In the restaurant industry, cooking with deep fryers is a common staple. This type of cooking causes the need to regularly change oil in fryers, which also means containing the used grease. It is inevitable at some point while dealing with disposal, storage and collection of cooking oils that a grease spill will happen. Liberty SoftWash offers emergency grease spill cleanup and can assist will all steps of the clean up process.  Our services include  grease spill cleanup on asphalt, concrete, tile and more.

It is important to know exactly what to do when this happens and our trained technicians are ready to assist. First and foremost is to try to contain the spill and keep it from slowing into any nearby storm drains or other water sources. Oil absorbing products maybe used to collect the liquid grease before the area can be cleaned using hot water pressure cleaning.

Liberty SoftWash is UAMCC Certified in Wash Water Control so, you can be assured that we will follow all BMPs when dealing with spill clean up, containment and proper disposal of any contaminated wash water. We are equipped with water reclamation equipment that is used to ensure our wash water is properly filtered prior to discharging.

In addition to grease spill clean up, we also offer many commercial cleaning services that will keep your restaurant, business or other property looking its best at all times.   Pressure washing, roof cleaning, kitchen exhaust system cleaning and graffiti removal are just a few of the services we offer to business owners and residents of Central Pennsylvania.

In addition to our commercial cleaning services, we also offer services to residential customers in Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

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