Do you have ugly slate roof stains?

Liberty SoftWash completed this  slate roof cleaning in Wyomissing, PA 19601.  Using a soft wash roof cleaning method, Liberty SoftWash was able to remove the unsightly stains to reveal the beautiful slates underneath.

Slate roofing is one of the most durable and long lasting materials used.  A properly maintained slate roof can have a life well over 50 years.  Part of maintaining your slate roof is keeping the roof free from algae or moss growth.  Allowing this type of plant growth can cause damage to the individual slate tiles by causing the tiles to lift and disturb the surrounding tiles.  Additionally, these types of plants have a root system that can grow through the surface of the tile causing delamination of the slate.

Soft washing is the only recommended technique for cleaning slate roofs and all other types of roofing.  You should never pressure wash a slate roof.

In addition to slate roof cleaning Liberty SoftWash also offers the following services for your home or commercial property:

  • House washing for Dryvit, stucco, vinyl siding or trim, wood and more
  • Pressure Washing using both hot and cold water
  • Gutter cleaning and gutter brightening
  • Rust stain removal
  • Grafitti removal
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Awning and canopy cleaning
  • Deck cleaning for wood and composite decking
  • Fence cleaning for wood or vinyl fencing
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Roof inspections

Give us a call to discuss your slate roof  or other exterior cleaning needs. (717) 578-5342

Our service area include Wyomissing, PA and the surrounding area.

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