Having a working rooftop grease containment system is an important part of every kitchen exhaust system.  A rooftop grease containment system works with the system’s fan to collect any residual grease that is collected in the fan shroud and then drips through the drain hole of the fan.

When rooftop exhaust fans do not have a grease containment system for collecting the residual grease, it can not only create a mess but, it can also cause damage to various types of roofing material.  Oftentimes, customers are not aware that they do not have a grease containment system because they are not on the roof to see issues like this that involve the rooftop fan.

As part of our hood cleaning and hood system evaluation, the technicians of Liberty SoftWash will make customers aware of issues like missing grease containment, no hinge kits installed on the fan, visible electrical issues and more. Because in most cases, customers are not on the roof to see the issues, we will take pictures or videos to show the owners while they are safely on the ground!

If you are looking for quality hood cleaning services with a company that has your business’s best interest in mind, Liberty SoftWash is the company for you.  We service York, PA, Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas.  Call today to schedule your free estimate and hood system evaluation. 717-324-4208