A roof that is infested with moss growth will have a dramatically shortened life if left untreated.  As the moss grows, its roots attach themselves to the granules.  If you use the incorrect technique, you will not only remove the moss, you will also remove the granules that are designed to protect the integrity of the shingles.

When deciding on how you should have a moss infested roof, know that using a high pressure cleaning technique in this application may cause damage to the shingles.  An alternative to pressure washing in the cleaning industry is soft washing.  With the soft washing process, a cleaning solutions is applied to the moss to kill the moss growth. Once we are sure that the moss is indeed dead, we will will leave the rest up to mother nature.  Through the combination of sun, rain and  wind, the moss will dry out and the roots will detach from the granules and the dead debris will be gradually be rinsed off of the roof.

Replacing a roof prior to its full lifespan is not only costly to your wallet but also costly to the environment by filling our landfills with perfectly good shingles.  A properly cleaned roof can last years longer than if would if it were left to deteriorate by the destructive effects of lichen, algae and moss.

Liberty SoftWash is an excellent choice for all of your commercial or residential interior and exterior cleaning needs.  Our service include the following:

  • Soft wash non pressure roof cleaning
  • Pressure washing and power washing
  • Soft washing
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Rust stain removal
  • Kitchen hood cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning

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