Roof Cost In Pennsylvania and Maryland

Roof cost is an important thing to consider if you are going to need a new roof in the future. With our long, cold, and wet winters in the North Eastern part of the United States, in areas such as Pennsylvania and Maryland, roof replacement is often an expensive but necessary cost.

The cost to replace an average sized, asphalt shingled roof can range anywhere from $4000.00 for a low pitched roof to around $20,000.00 for steeper more intricate roof lines. Other types of roofing such as slate roofing, cedar roofing or metal roofing have an even high cost of replacement but, will also have a much longer life span than a standard asphalt shingle.

Roof replacement is often necessary to fix areas where leaks are present or the shingles just need to be replaced due to wear. After prolonged exposure to elements like sun, wind, rain and ice, asphalt shingles will lose their granules and become thin and brittle.

Another reason for roof replacement is to get rid of contaminants such as roof algae, moss or lichen. These types of contaminants attach themselves to the asphalt shingles, cedar shakes or slate tiles and leave an unsightly appearance on what is one of the most visible parts of your home.

Often times, roofs are replaced prematurely due to nothing more than an unsightly appearance

Once they are removed they may end up in a landfill, years before they have served their usable life. In cases such as this, roof replacement is not the only option. All types of roofs can be cleaned safely and effectively without the use of pressure washer or other high pressure cleaning. A low pressure, cleaning method such as soft washing, is recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. In addition,  pressure washing is not a cleaning method that should be used for cleaning asphalt shingles, as per their manufacturers.

Liberty SoftWash specializes in cleaning all types of roofs in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

Our trained technicians will remove the unsightly stains caused by roof algae, moss or lichen growth. We will only use the recommended technique for cleaning your roof and will do all of our work from ladders, rather than walk on your roof. A roof can be cleaned at a fraction of the cost of replacement and should be taken in consideration when deciding on a new roof.

Remember when you are considering roof replacement for your home or business, there are additional factors that should be considered other than just roof cost. Does your roof need to be replaced or does it fall into the category of roofs that can be saved from premature replacement?

Cleaning your dirty roof rather than replacing it can save you thousands of dollars. A roof cleaning performed by a professional contractor generally ranges between $400-$1800 depending on the size, pitch and accessibility of you roof.

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