We draw “SOS” in the sand. We send out flares. We send out the distress signal.

There are a lot of ways that humans can call for help. But your roof only has one method.

And it’s called black streaks.

What to do when you see black streaks on your roof

When black streaks are bringing your roof down, you’re usually inspired by two reactions: turn a blind eye, or start calculating how much your roof replacement project will cost.

Don’t turn to either option! If you don’t address a dirty roof, your property value will suffer. But with a simple roof cleaning solution, you can keep a roof replacement at bay for years to come. Consider:

  • Black streaks are caused by a bacteria that eats your roofing. It’s called gloeocapsa magma — and it’s bad news.
  • Soft washing removes the stains and goes a step further by killing the bacteria. The takeaway: you’re quashing a return appearance.
  • We’re roof cleaning specialists, so the process is safe, simple, and efficient. We care about your roof, and we deliver a service that protects it.

Your roof has its own distress signal. And it’s the job of the Liberty Softwash experts to respond. Our soft roof washing service will help your shingles stay strong — and look beautiful, too!