You might have heard that brick installations can last for over a hundred years. Yes, they can — but only if they receive proper brick restoration and maintenance.

Brick remains a popular building material for its versatile aesthetics and durability, but constant exposure to harsh weather and other environmental elements can cause severe damage to its porous surface.

Common warning signs that you need brick restoration include crumbling mortar between gaps, uneven surfaces, and unusual stains. These stains may indicate rising dampness that could gradually undermine the stability of your brick structures.

With Liberty Soft Wash’s specialized brick restoration service, you’ll have your buildings regain their pristine condition to last through the seasons.

Specialized Brick Restoration and Care for Long-lasting Results

As seasoned brick cleaning and restoration specialists, we have seen the prevalence of issues stemming from improper care routines.

For instance, some property owners have relied on caustic DIY cleaning solutions when removing excess mortar from new masonry, damaging the structural integrity and aesthetics of the installations. Mortar removal becomes increasingly difficult once the paste hardens, and it often requires professional assistance for flawless results.

Our certified and insured professionals will help you avoid the biggest pitfalls of brick maintenance through leading pressure washing and brick cleaning solutions. We have the tools and expertise to perform a thorough routine assessment of your structures even when there are no visible signs of damage, giving you complete peace of mind.

Request a free estimate from Liberty Soft Wash today to restore your brick structures to their former glory without fuss!