Maintaining high standards of cleanliness in the kitchen is a major focus for reputable restaurants, to ensure that food is prepared in a hygienic, safe environment and to keep the premises accident-free.
You stringent daily routine for cleaning the restaurant floors isn’t enough to prevent the conditions that lead to compromised food safety, or slip and fall incidents. Deep cleaning also needs to be conducted regularly to keep the floors in pristine condition.

Food Safety

High volumes of soil and grease are tracked into the restaurant, contaminating kitchen floors and other parts of the restaurant, including the bathroom. The dirt can contain countless organisms that cause foodborne illnesses. These organisms are disturbed with foot traffic, spilled liquids, and grease spills, causing them to fly into the air and drop down on food and surfaces.

Physical Safety

Slips and falls are a significant cause of accidents in the restaurant for customers and staff alike when grease and dirt from one area are tracked to another part of the restaurant.
Kitchen floors are often made with a material with a slick surface — usually tile — because it’s easy to clean. This is also a slippery floor, presenting a hazard to kitchen staff. Tile surfaces and grout are porous, leading to grease and soap getting trapped in the small holes.

Residue Buildup

Common soap products used in the restaurant, such as laundry detergent and dishwasher soap, contain animal fat as an emulsifying liquid. Eventually, a buildup of residue from the soap combines with grease. As the pores of the tile fill up, a film of grease coats the tiles. More grease accumulates from grease spills during regular collection, disposal, and storage routines for cooking oil.
Bacteria that threaten food safety is trapped along with the residue and the floor become more treacherous.

Deep Cleaning

In addition to the daily floor cleaning regimen, restaurant floors also need deep cleaning periodically through the year, in order to remove the greasy residue from tile and grout.

Liberty Soft Wash conducts deep cleaning and grease spill cleanup inside and outside to keep your restaurant floors in peak condition. Our services include grease spill cleanup on asphalt, concrete, tile, and more.

We’re certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMC) for wash water control and follow best management practices in spill clean-up, containment, and disposal of contaminated wash water. Our water reclamation equipment ensures that wash water is properly filtered before it’s discharged, leaving only gleaming, safe floors when we finish.

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