The concrete at your restaurant’s entryways is often times the first thing a potential customer sees when visiting your establishment. Obviously, a clean entryway is the ideal way to welcome your guests. No business owner wants to welcome their guests with dirty, greasy, gum ridden sidewalks as this could potentially give customers the wrong impression about the all over the cleanliness of an establishment.


In order to keep your restaurant or other establishment’s concrete surfaces looking their best, only professional pressure washing services will do! A contractor who specializes in pressure washing or exterior cleaning will use professional grade equipment and detergents to provide a deep cleaning on a regular basis in an effort to always keep your property looking its best.


Liberty SoftWash is an excellent choice for your commercial pressure washing needs in York Pennsylvania, Hanover Pennsylvania, Lancaster Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. Pressure washing services can be scheduled for quarterly, semi-annually or one-time services. Sidewalks, drive thru’s and dumpster pads need regular maintenance pressure washing to prevent dirt, grease, and gum from becoming permanent.


We will be sure to take great care of your property. All concrete walkways, drive thru’s and dumpster corral areas will be first checked and cleared of loose debris or trash. Concrete will next be pretreated with a commercial grade, environmentally friendly soap designed for use in high traffic, dirty and greasy surfaces. Once our cleaner has been applied and allowed to sit on the surface for a designated amount of time, we will use hot water to pressure wash your concrete, giving it a cleaner, brighter appearance.


Gum removal is also included with our commercial concrete cleaning services for restaurants and other business. Our hot water pressure washer will be used to safely remove the gum by heating it to its melting point rather than blasting it away with high pressure that can potentially cause damage.


If it is professional pressure washing services you are looking for, Liberty SoftWash. Call us today to discuss your business’s pressure washing needs. 717-324-4208.

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