Ice Dam Removal

Ice Dam Removal

If you live where we do in the Mid-Atlantic region, you aren’t a stranger to wintertime. When the temperatures drop, your home needs professionals at-the-ready to keep it in peak condition. Liberty Softwash offers ice dam removal services that will safely get your property back on the right foot – no matter how cold it is outside.

Why are ice dams bad for my home?

Ice dams happen when your warm roof makes contact with snow or ice. The water slips down your shingles until it reaches your gutters or overhang, and this is where the problems start. Upon contact, the water freezes again – and this process repeats over and over until you’ve literally got a dam of ice surrounding the base of your roof. Biggest issues include interior water damage and massive roof damage.

Those festive icicles aren’t worth it. Liberty Softwash will help you get your home back to safety!

Our steam removal process

We strive to get your roof back to you in better condition than we found it. That’s why we only use steam to remove ice dams. Alternatives like hot water create more damage than benefits and blunt force opens up a spectrum of risks to your home. Steam removal is the only safe way!

Our equipment lets us release steam in a careful, precise way to get rid of ice buildup. This careful approach will wear down the freeze so you can get your home back. With the best technology and a team of experts on your side, we can ensure your property will last through any winter.

Icicles are a good sign that ice dams are building up. This holiday season, stay on the proactive side of home ownership and get your solution from Liberty Softwash! Call Today 717-324-4208

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