Our clients managed a home improvement store, and they were a solid institution in the community. Customers knew they could count on them to deliver professional service, high-quality products, and a great shopping experience.

There was just one problem. Their concrete surfaces were working against them.

The Problem: Well-Loved Hardscapes

Our clients had a robust customer base; at any point throughout the day, you could pretty much guarantee that people would be walking in and out of the store and that customers would be pulling in and out of the parking lot. And this was taking a serious impact on the safety and the curb appeal of their hardscapes.

The Solution: Concrete Cleaning

Our team approached the client’s property with a multi-pronged pressure washing approach. We knew they relied on all their hardscapes to bring out the best in their customer experience, so we delivered with:

  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Sidewalk cleaning
  • Drive-thru cleaning

With our hot water pressure washing equipment and our specialty cleaning products, we were able to give our customers the “clean slate” effect that their property needed. And their customers could enjoy a seamless experience from the moment they arrived on site to the moment they wrapped up their purchase!