If you are struggling with the effects of seasonal or other allergens, you may want to thinks again about the steps you take when trying to control or remove these allergens from our living or working spaces. We vacuum, dust and wash surfaces inside our home to keep the allergens from causing flare ups on our respiratory systems making breathing a struggle.  But did you ever think that cleaning the outside of your home could also help keep the allergens at bay.

Take a look at your sidewalk the next time you walk to your front door.  Does it appear clean?  If the answer is no, you should consider what you are actually taking inside you home with each step you take.  Algae and mold are often present on many surfaces on our home’s exterior including our sidewalks.  Each time, your shoes or even your bare feet go from the sidewalk to the inside of your home, you are bringing potential contaminants inside your home.

Other sources of allergens that you should be concerned about are your roof or your home’s exterior.  Algae growth is visible on your home’s exterior and is often green while algae growth on your roof has a dark blackened appearance.  Both sources have the potential to cause allergy flare-ups to all the members of your household.

The solution to this type of allergen contamination can be as simple as cleaning the exterior of your home, your roof and the concrete walkways around your home.  Liberty SoftWash offers a variety of exterior cleaning services that can remove the contaminants, not only making them look much cleaner but, also reducing the allergens that you are taking into your home.  Give us a call to schedule your free estimate with our team of professionals. (717) 578-5342