Grease spills are inevitable in the kitchen and nearby areas of a commercial food and beverage business. High-traffic transfers of food from the deep fryer, messy cooking-oil storage, and poorly managed grease traps are potential causes of a spill. 


The sticky substance proves challenging to remove, and it may cause severe slips and falls. Accidents may lead to costly lawsuits and cause irreversible damage to the reputation of your business.


Therefore, as a business owner, you need to arrange for a thorough grease spill cleanup at the earliest sign. By reaching out to an industry specialist like Liberty Softwash, you can keep your flooring clean and safe for maximum productivity and peace of mind. 


Spill Containment Practices


The slippery flooring may lead to grease spills flowing to nearby water sources (for example, storm drains) and contaminating them. Professionals at Liberty Softwash have on-the-ground experience in assessing a spill and applying the measures to contain it without delay. 


Hot-water Pressure Cleanups


Hot-water washing solutions effectively break down the particle bonds in grease compounds, facilitating easier removal. Liberty Softwash applies the latest eco-friendly technology in pressure washing, keeping your floors spill-free and without the risk of contaminating your food preparation area

Safe Wash-water Disposal 

The disposal of wash water should always be a priority in grease spill cleanups. Poor water handling procedures may lead to business delays and the need for secondary cleanups. Additionally, wash water may contain flammable elements, which are highly hazardous in a heated kitchen environment. 


Liberty Softwash is UAMCC-certified, practicing the safest wash-water disposal techniques and managing each session with reclamation equipment that carefully filters washing supplies before use.  


Request an estimate from Liberty Softwash and clear your grease spills without fuss so you can keep your restaurant safe and spotless.