I am co owner of Liberty SoftWash located in York, PA, along with my husband Eric.  I currently hold a member at large position on the UAMCC’s (United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners)  Board of Directors  and am running for the position of secretary this term.  In addition to my position on the current BOD, I also serve on several committees and have been Co Editor of the UAMCC’s Newsletter. During my time with the UAMCC,  we have grown our business from knowledge shared by other members and feel our membership has been a valuable asset to our business. In addition, I have enjoyed giving advise that has helped others grow their business and will continue to not only give but, also seek advise from other like minded business owners who are part of the UAMCC.

My husband Eric and I have been together for almost 20 years and have worked together, in the field, on a daily basis since 2012.  We have a 20 year old son who has also become part of our business and will eventually be the head of our KEC division.

Prior to becoming part of the pressure washing industry, I worked part time for my husband’s painting company doing clerical work and helping out in the field as needed. In this time, I also attended a local college to attain my Associates Degree in Business Management.

The UAMCC has truly been a blessing for me both in my business and also my personal life, I have not only gained a tremendous amount of industry related knowledge from my membership but, have also gained a great group of friends from across the country who just happen to share many of the same passions. I have learned a great deal while being a member of the UAMCC and look forward to being a source of information and inspiration for our members