Fall Gutter Cleaning: The seasons are quickly changing and the leaves have begun to fall.  Chances are, many of those leave are landing in your gutters.  Leaves and other debris in gutters can lead to serious problems that can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

As gutters are filled with leaves and other debris, they become heavy which can cause the gutter to be pulled away from the home.  If a gutter becomes detached or pulled away, the rain water that is supposed to be collected in the gutter system will have to find a different path to run off the roof.  Often when this happens, the rain water will drain where ever it will flow naturally which can cause leaks on the interior of your home.

Additionally, clogged gutters can be a contributing factor in ice damming. In areas like Pennsylvania,  ice damming is a common occurrence in the winter months.   Ice damming can occur when clogged gutters become filled with snow and ice. This causes the gutters over flow, which is perfect environment for an ice dam to form.

Once an ice dam is formed the ice must be carefully removed or melted to prevent damage to the roof, shingles, facia or gutters.  Keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris is a good preventative measure to take to keep ice dams from forming on your home.

Call Liberty SoftWash to have your gutters cleared of leaves and debris that will not only ensure proper water flow but will also help keep ice damming from happening.  (717) 324-4208

Residential and Commercial Power Washing

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