Good masonry work lends so much character and gravitas to a building. But if it’s dirty, it may send the wrong message and drive customers away from your business.
All masonry can benefit from regular professional cleaning and pressure washing, from new construction to historical decorations. Liberty Soft Wash guarantees safe and effective commercial brick cleaning services.
Read on to learn the answers to your questions about commercial brick cleaning!

How Does a Professional Clean Bricks?

Cleaning crews use different techniques depending on what must be removed from the masonry.
In the case of new construction, it’s often a matter of cleaning excess mortar off. If the mortar between the bricks hasn’t dried yet, it may be possible to wipe the excess away.
Once the mortar dries, though, it’s a much more complicated process. An acid solution must be applied to soften the excess mortar. The exact mixture depends on the type of brick. After the acid solution is applied to the bricks, the residue can be scrubbed with a scrub brush.
It’s a difficult process since leaving the acid on for too long can permanently damage the bricks. The harsh chemicals are also quite dangerous to the people on the job site, and improper application can damage the surrounding landscaping.
Other types of solution and washing may be used to remove stains from older bricks.

Is It Okay To Pressure Wash Bricks?

Pressure washing is used to remove the scrubbed-off mortar and acid solution from the brick. While brick is a pretty sturdy building material, it’s still more susceptible to high-pressure damage than materials like concrete.
High pressure can also damage, loosen, and even crack bricks. So, while you can pressure clean bricks, it must be done at the lowest pressure needed to complete the job.
Pressure washing can also damage your windows, woodwork, and other parts of your building. Therefore, it should always be done by someone with experience.

How Do I Kill Algae On My Brick?

Most professionals use sodium hypochlorite, a biodegradable solution, to kill mold, mildew, and algae on bricks. The solution will be applied to the bricks, allowed to dry for around 20-30 minutes, and then rinsed away.
If you want to clean out the algae yourself, prepare a 1:4 mixture of bleach to water and spread it onto the affected area. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

What Kinds of Buildings Benefit from Professional Brick Cleaning?

All kinds of commercial brick buildings can benefit from cleaning by technicians! New brick buildings need any excess mortar removed, while older buildings may have dingy and stained bricks.
Each building is different and requires a different plan of attack. If you hire a crew, the technicians will survey the facility to determine what they need to do.
A good company will let you know what they plan to do and what kind of solutions and techniques they’ll use.

Is It Okay To Clean Newly Laid Bricks?

Yes! Bricks should be cleaned as soon as possible after being laid to remove excess mortar. Bricklayers do their best to clean the bricks as they go, but it’s hard to catch every bit of mortar.
Cleaning after the mortar dries is much more complex, so consider hiring brick cleaners right after the building or installation is complete.

Do You Need A Professional To Clean Bricks?

While you can clean your commercial brick building yourself, there are a lot of risks.
• If excess mortar needs to be removed, the chemicals required are incredibly caustic. Muriatic acid, a special form of hydrochloric acid, is often used. Proper safety equipment is required to avoid injury, and protocols must be followed to prevent damage to the bricks and surrounding landscaping.
• If you have an older building, special care must be required to avoid loosening or cracking bricks. You risk damaging the building if you don’t know what you’re doing.
• Pressure washing is always risky. If the nozzle is wrong or the pressure is too high, you can damage the brick and other parts of the building.
Hiring professional technicians means less risk to your property and less risk to your personal safety. A good company will also be fully insured to protect you from mishaps.

Liberty Soft Wash – Your Brick Cleaning Professionals

In central Pennsylvania, Liberty Soft Wash is your brick cleaning company. We are experienced at cleaning both new construction and historical buildings.
If you have more questions or want a free estimate, contact Liberty Soft Wash today!
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