Pressure Washing in Ardencroft, DE

Professional Power Washing in Ardencroft, DE

Ardencroft, DE is a village in New Castle CountyDelawareUnited States. According to the 2010 Census, the population of the village is 231.[1]

Ardencroft DE was founded in 1950 as an outgrowth of Arden and Ardentown with a conceptual lifestyle based on Henry George‘s Single taxmovement and William Morris’s Arts and Crafts principles. Ardencroft was the last of seventeen land trusts founded between 1894 and 1950; Ardencroft’s tax structure is based on the Single Tax economic philosophy of Henry George. As a result, a person’s house is not taxed, only the land it sits on, which is owned by a charitable trust and managed by three directors. Half the land is woods and open space. Footpaths criss-cross the village. At its founding in 1950, Ardencroft formally encouraged minorities to settle there, actively seeking out families that wanted to live in an integrated setting. The nearby, former Arden School (now the Buzz Ware Village Center)also allowed integration around this time, prior to many of the changes enacted by the Civil Rights movement.

Residential and Commercial Power Washing

Liberty Softwash has been providing residential and commercial power washing services to the residents and businesses of Ardencroft, DE, for almost 10 years.  Our professional exterior cleaning services can bring curb appeal back to your dirty home. Using either our soft wash cleaning method or pressure washing, we will make your property the envy of your neighbors

We specialize in soft wash cleaning technology and are one of PA’s only SoftWash Systems Authorized Professionals.  Soft Wash cleaning utilizes a low pressure delivery of a cleaning solution which is followed by a high volume low, pressure rinsing.  With this type of cleaning, the surfaces are sterilized at 99.9%, providing a longer lasting cleaning.  Call the exterior cleaning experts at Liberty SoftWash to discuss your exterior cleaning needs. (717) 578-5342

How About Power Washing and Roof Cleaning?

Our soft wash roof cleaning can clean all types of roofing materials, including; asphalt shingles, slate tiles, cedar shakes, tile, and metal roofs.

Not only are these stains ugly, they are also destroying your roof. As the alga continues to grow, it is causing premature deterioration of the shingles by creating a damp environment for the algae to thrive in. During the cleaning process, our goal is to achieve a 99.99% kill ratio of the algae to create a sterile environment free from algae.

In addition to soft wash roof cleaning, we also offer other exterior cleaning services for your home or business.

Services provided by the professionals at Liberty SoftWash include:

  • Soft wash house washing for your vinyl siding or trim, dryvit, stucco, wood, and more
  • Pressure washing using hot or cold water for asphalt, concrete, brick, and stone
  • Rust stain removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Gutter cleaning and gutter brightening
  • Exterior window cleaning

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