Commercial roof cleaning is an integral part of any property maintenance plan. It’s one of those exterior cleaning services that come with a bevy of benefits: it drives curb appeal, it safeguards roofing quality, and it protects your investment.

But it’s also a critical way to ensure compliance with your insurance policy.

The Connection Between Your Roof & Your Insurance Company

Most insurance policies come with a caveat: if your roof is poorly maintained, you’re breaking compliance. The reasoning is actually quite straightforward. They see elements that harm your roof quality as a potential claim. And companies don’t want to cover something that has not been proactively addressed.

When an insurance provider comes to inspect your property, they’ll inspect a few things about your roof. They’re on the lookout for

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Algae
  • Black Streaks
  • Moss

There is some silver lining. With a commercial soft washing service from Liberty Soft Wash, your roof will be well-protected. Your insurance company will be satisfied – and your property will look great, too!