If you are selling your home or considering selling your home in the near future, there are things that can be done which will make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Things like, painting, planting flowers and even cleaning your home’s exterior are all things that will make a home look more appealing.

Cleaning the exterior of your home is a great way to not only add curb appeal but also potentially add thousands of dollars to a home’s resale price. Washing of siding, gutters, walk ways and even roofs can dramatically change a home’s appearance. A buyer may see a home with a dirty exterior and assume that if it isn’t being cleaned or maintained on the outside, why would the inside be any different.

Liberty SoftWash offers a variety of exterior cleaning services that will give your home a clean and inviting appearance to potential buyers. We specialize in soft wash cleaning, which is a safe, low pressure alternative to pressure washing which not only cleans but also kills any algae or mold that may be growing on your home’s exterior surfaces.

Our soft wash house washing is ideal for all types of surfaces including, vinyl siding, dryvit, stucco, wood and more. During our process a cleaning solution is applied at low pressure followed by a high volume low pressure rinsing leaving you with clean, algae and mold free surfaces. Because we are not just blasting away the dirt with high pressure but rather killing the contaminants, our cleanings last longer than cleanings done with high pressure alone.

If your roof has unsightly black streaks, moss or lichen growth, our roof cleaning process can remove the organic growth, returning it to a “like new” appearance with our soft wash roof cleaning. Years of algae and moss growth can be eliminated when you have Liberty SoftWash clean your roof. To a potential buyer, a dirty roof may be a sign that the roof is in need of replacement in the near future. Roof replacement is certainly not a cost a new homeowner wants to face shortly after purchase. Don’t let your dirty roof scare away a potential buyer, clean it instead!

In addition to roof cleaning and house washing, Liberty SoftWash offers other exterior cleaning services including; exterior window cleaning, pressure washing concrete, brick or stone sidewalks and walkways, gutter clean outs and more. We service the South Central Pennsylvania including York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Hershey and surrounding areas.

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