Liberty SoftWash is an active member of the UAMCC, a national non-profit organization that helps educate mobile clean contractors across the country. As part of the UAMCC’s National Convention in Charlotte, NC we were able to take part in teaching a kitchen exhaust cleaning class.

Eric Seitz, owner of Liberty SoftWash, along with Ray Burke of Spray Wash, located in Tallahassee Florida, and Paul Schneider of Ability Services out of IL took part in introducing approximately 100 contractors to commercial hood cleaning with hands on training. As part of the kitchen exhaust cleaning class, the participants were able to learn the basic steps involved in cleaning a kitchen hood system while replicating the steps in functioning kitchen setting.

From bagging the hood system to applying chemical and washing filters the students were shown the proper techniques to successfully clean a kitchen hood system. In addition to cleaning techniques, the class was taught the importance of using proper PPE or personal protective equipment along with how to safely use the chemicals needed for this type of cleaning.

The kitchen exhaust cleaning class at the UAMCC’s National Convention was the first time any hands on training was offered and was deemed a huge success. Liberty SoftWash was honored to be able to participate in this and future contractor educational events in an effort to share knowledge with both new and seasoned contractors both locally and across the US.