As a restaurant manager or owner in Lancaster Pennsylvania, it is imperative your kitchen hood system is properly cleaned and maintained. Not only is it a matter of cleanliness in a commercial restaurant kitchen, but it is also a matter of safety. A kitchen hood system that is neglected or improperly cleaned is a fire hazard that could potentially damage or even cause your restaurant to be closed if a fire were to break out.


Often times, hood systems are not thoroughly cleaned by properly trained and certified hood cleaning contractors. Ductwork is often the area of neglect because it is not visible without looking behind the filters into the ductwork or by viewing the ductwork via access from the rooftop fan. Once an owner pays a contractor to clean their hood system, they usually assume the entire system was cleaned but have no way to verify unless they visually inspect the duct by themselves after the cleaning or are provided pictures from the hood cleaning contractor.


When the grease in the ductwork is not removed, it can quickly become fuel for a fire. While hood filters are designed to keep the fire from getting into the ductwork, there are situations such as improper fitting filters, or worn out or missing filters can potentially allow the fuel to become ignited by a flash fire from an appliance in the kitchen.


A properly trained and certified hood cleaner will ensure that in addition to the hood, filters, and fan, the ductwork will also be cleaned. Being able to clean the ductwork does require accessibility through access panes and hinge kits on a rooftop or a wall mount fan, which allows the system to be safely opened and properly cleaned.


In Lancaster, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas you can count on Liberty SoftWash for reliable and professional hood cleaning services. We offer quarterly, semi-annual, annual or more frequent hood cleanings. In addition to cleaning your kitchen hood system, we can also install hinge kits on rooftop fans, or access panels in ductwork. Call today to schedule your free hood system evaluation and hood cleaning estimate. 717-324-4208