Spring cleaning is a thing. But while we often associate this with projects like cleaning out the closet, weeding the garden, and clearing out the garage, it’s important to also take stock of your property needs as a whole.

Liberty Soft Wash can help. Our team offers an annual house washing service that will help your property hit the “reset” button for beautiful curb appeal.

When to schedule a house washing service

Generally, we recommend that clients schedule a house washing service annually, at a minimum. And springtime is a great time of year to get the job done – it’s a way of resetting your exterior after the long winter, just as it provides a way for your home to look beautiful for the spring and summer seasons. We use these guiding tips to decide when it’s the best time to schedule your service:

  • Does your siding look dull?
    Your exterior will often look dirty and drab if it’s covered in a layer of dirt. This is a quick fix with the right equipment – and our team can deliver that house washing solution for you.
  • Do you have a lot of tree cover around your home?
    This can exacerbate the wear and tear to your siding. Generally, trees shed more leaves, pollen, and other organic matter – and your exterior struggles to fight back against the eyesores.
  • Do you remember the last time you had a house washing service?
    If the answer is a “no,” then it’s time to fix that issue. And our team is here to help!

Get your home off on the right foot this spring. With a complete house washing solution from Liberty Soft Wash, you can help your property check off all the boxes: lasting curb appeal, beautiful quality, and results that last.