Think about how many orders come through your kitchen each day. Now compound that number by the amount of time it’s been since your last hood cleaning service.

Grease is an unavoidable aspect of any commercial kitchen. But it also poses a dangerous risk. A professional hood cleaning service will:

  1. 13528794_1027795317304705_6360347239188224706_nReduce the risk of fires
    Grease is the leading cause of commercial kitchen fires each year and is also one of the costliest accidents in the industry. Regular cleaning will eliminate the risk.
  2. Manage insurance costs
    Many insurance companies will increase your deductible – or even discontinue coverage altogether – if they find that your hood hasn’t been maintained properly.
  3. Keep your property in compliance
    Health and safety codes and building codes dictate that restaurants manage grease buildup in a regulated manner. Not doing so results in costly fines and failed inspections.

A kitchen hood cleaning service is a simple way to keep your establishment safe, sanitary, and ready for every successful order and happy customer ahead.