For the food industry, the kitchen is the heart of your business. This is the place where the magic happens, whether you’re serving up fast food or Michelin-star fare.

And most commercial restaurants lean heavily on their kitchen hood. This tool isn’t just an asset – it’s a necessity. Liberty Softwash delivers the routine hood cleaning maintenance plan your property needs to remain safe, stable, and clean.

Why Hood Cleaning Matters

Whether you own a ductless range or an exhaust hood, one common thread remains: during your hours of operation, it’s working overtime.

Our team provides a detailed hood cleaning solution you need for success. We deliver a service that will support the following elements for your commercial kitchen:

  • Fire prevention: Grease fires are the leading cause of fire damage in commercial kitchens. Your hood is also a magnet for grease buildup, making it a hotspot of risk. With routine cleaning care, you can minimize the risk of fire damage.
  • Code compliance: Health and safety inspectors home in on your kitchen hood. If you don’t invest in routine cleaning, it isn’t just a ding on your inspection report; it can put your business in jeopardy.
  • Safety and sanitation: Perhaps the most important benefit of your hood cleaning service? It keeps your kitchen safe, sanitary, and functional. Our team ensures that your property is ready for business.

Your Hood Cleaning Experts

Our goal for our customers is simple: promote a commercial kitchen that is ready to take on every order with ease. We deliver a hood cleaning service that ensures that the heart of your business is as safe as it is sanitary, as functional as it is compliant. Get in touch today to map out a routine maintenance plan for your kitchen – and enjoy the peace of mind that follows.

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